Read — 2015/05/06

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Syria conflict: Aleppo civilians suffer ‘unthinkable atrocities’” (BBC News). An Amnesty International reports that both sides of in the Syrian conflict are likely targeting civilians.
  2. opens to all developers after Net neutrality row“, by Don Reisinger (CNET). Progress in the move to bring Internet access to all.
  3. ‘Flash Crash’ a perfect storm for markets“, by Roger Kenny, Bradley Hope, Tynan DeBold, & Stephanie Yang (Wall Street Journal). “After the steep drop, both futures and stocks bounded back and erased the earlier paper losses of more than a trillion dollars from the markets”.
  4. Lawmakers in France move to vastly expand surveillance“, by Alissa J. Rubin (NY Times). France seems set to permit wide-sweeping government surveillance.
  5. The best candids from the Met Gala red carpet“, by Liana Satenstein, photography by Phil Oh (Vogue). This photo in particular speaks to the fact that at fancy events, the beautiful, rich, and famous want to have fun like the rest of us.
  6. Canada poised to pass anti-terror legislation despite widespread outrage“, by John Barber (The Guardian). Bill C-51, granting the Canadian government “sweeping new powers to investigate and disrupt broadly defined threats to public safety”, seems poised to pass Parliament.
  7. The world’s first self-driving semi-truck hits the road“, by Alex Davies (Wired). The self-driving “Freightliner Inspiration” only takes over on highway driving, and then plays by the defensive driving textbook (and then some). Self-driving trucks offer both safety and economic benefits.