Read — 2015/05/24

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Senate to try again after bill on N.S.A. collection of phone records is blocked“, by Jennifer Steinhauer (NY Times). The bill — opposed by many Republican senators who felt the bill was too tough as well as some senators, notably Rand Paul, who felt that the bill was not tough enough — would have limited the federal government’s ability to bulk-collect phone records.
  2. What’s behind big science frauds?“, by Adam Marcus & Ivan Oransky (NY Times). The short answer: the publish-or-perish culture of modern academia, and the media hype surrounding shocking results.
  3. The soft succession” (The Economist). Lee Jae-yong (Jay) transitions into more powerful leadership roles at Samsung. Good to read that Samsung is experimenting with next-generation batteries, medical equipment, and biotech drugs. Not so good to read that Mr. Lee is intimately associated with the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  4. Dressing 9 to 5 — what the most stylish women wear to work: top model agent Ashleah Gonzales“, by Liana Satenstein (Vogue).