Read — 2015/05/27

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Tech rivalries impede digital medical record sharing“, by Robert Pear (NY Times). Health information technology offers promise, but incentives need to be aligned.

    Many doctors and hospitals have begun using electronic medical records, but providers with different systems are often unable to share data in electronic form.

  2. Corrupting the Chinese language“, by Murong Xuecun (NY Times). A writer laments the Communist’s reduction and militarization of his language.

    It’s not only government proclamations that clank with harsh cadences and revolutionary fervor, but also literary and scholarly works, and most disturbing, private speech.

  3. Fifa corruption inquiries: officials arrested in Zurich” (BBC News). The U.S. and Switzerland arrested seven officials on separate corruption cases; seven others were indicted by the U.S.