Math — 2015/06/04

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. The first year of ‘On teaching and learning mathematics’“, by Benjamin Braun (AMS Blogs). A retrospective of articles appearing in the column.
  2. The first two years of college mathematics: reflections and highlights from the CBMS forum“, by Diana White (AMS Blogs, 2014-11-01).
  3. Mathematics professors and mathematics majors’ expectations of lectures in advanced mathematics“, by Keith Weber (AMS Blogs, 2015-02-10).
  4. A call for more context“, by Art Duval (AMS Blogs, 2014-09-10). Professors’ “war stories” make a field come alive and engage students.
  5. Sums and integrals: the Swiss analysis knife“, by Bill Casselman (AMS).