Read — 2016/07/31

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Why voters don’t buy it when economists say global trade is good“, by N. Gregory Mankiw (NY Times). The reason, according to a pair of papers by Mansfield and Mutz, is sociotropic voting. Sounds innocent. It stems from isolationism, nationalism, and ethnocentrism. Oh. The authors (and Dr. Mankiw) also find that more highly educated people are better. Hmm.
  2. Study finds Chinese students excel in critical thinking. Until college.“, by Javier C. Hernández (NY Times). More precisely, “Chinese freshmen in computer science and engineering programs began college with critical thinking skills about two to three years ahead of their peers in the United States and Russia”. However, “Chinese students showed virtually no improvement in critical thinking after two years of college”.
  3. John Kerr, chronicler of Freud-Jung rift, is dead at 66“, by Benedict Carey (NY Times). Forget the doctorate (and the registration fees). My favorite sentence is the last (long) one:

    “We would be talking on the phone about some abstract point of metapsychology,” said Dr. Stepansky, “and he would say, ‘Sorry, I’ve got to get to the tavern; the baseball game’s about to start, and my blind friend Tony relies on me to provide the play-by-play.’”