Read — 2016/08/21

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Conquering the freshman fear of failure“, by David L. Kirp (NY Times). Put young students in contact with upperclassmen, and convince them to adopt a growth mindset.
  2. Why aren’t any bankers in prison for causing the financial crisis?“, by Joe Pinsker (The Atlantic).
  3. I ran away from my [abusive] husband and became a stuntwoman“, by Lucy Hancock (BBC News). And now I’m challenging gender stereotypes and bringing hope to women in abusive relationships.
  4. He convinced 2.8 million people to give him one penny each“, by Sean Braswell (OZY). OK, not quite, but the title captures the spirit of this 1987 Horatio Alger tale. It doesn’t capture the confused nature of this world, as appears in the life of one of its main characters, Bob Greene.
  5. Malcolm Gladwell: Get angry at America’s best colleges“, by Malcolm Gladwell (OZY). The insightful author contends that élite American universities are failing to realize their potential helping individuals realize their potential (what Gladwell calls “capitalization”).