Read — 2016/09/22

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Flabby and fertile: how men age could be huge for humans“, by Rae Ellen Bichell (NPR). Yale anthropologist Richard Gutierrez Bribiescas studies how men’s ability to reproduce late in life may increase the longevity of both sexes of our species. When males are young, they often lead a high-risk, high-reward life. The idea: Being showy attracts mates. As men age, testosterone levels typically drop (though this is not universally true), and high-maintenance muscle goes away (perhaps because more resources are diverted to fighting disease). If men with a “longevity” gene continue to reproduce late in life, their “genetic fitness” over their lifetime may surpass that of males who expend all their reproductive energy when young. And these longevity genes could be passed on to both sexes in the next generation, leading to longer life.
  2. MacArthur Foundation announces 2016 ‘genius’ grant winners“, by Jennifer Schuessler (NY Times).