Read — 2017/07/25

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. America has a stunning housing shortage — here’s why“, by Daniel Malloy (OZY).
  2. Female athletes are closing the gender gap when it comes to concussions“, by Jon Hamilton (NPR).
  3. How Westeros is won: What is the moral compass of ‘Game of Thrones’” (The Economist).
  4. Red, white and blood: U.S. soccer uses testing to gain an edge“, by Jeré Longman (NY Times). In the never-ending pursuit to gain an edge, athletes (and their teams) learn about their unique physiology via blood analysis. “[T]he analysis of biological markers is also meant to aid in performance, recovery and injury prevention”. For the science behind tart cherry juice and better sleep, see also this pilot study in the Journal of Medicinal Foods and this overview of tart cherries by University Health News.
  5. ‘You create that chemistry’: how actors fall in instant love“, by Alexis Soloski (NY Times). Look for traits that you like, or draw inspiration from the script (easy when it’s Shakespeare). Note actress Annaleigh Ashford’s insight:

    The buildup to me is more important…The kiss is the payoff.