A brief gallivant about the marketplace of ideas.

Month: September, 2017

Read — 2017/09/23

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Prospect of atmospheric nuclear test by North Korea raises specter of danger“, by David E. Sanger & William J. Broad (NY Times).
  2. Betsy DeVos reverses Obama-era policy on campus sexual assault investigations“, by Stephanie Saul & Kate Taylor (NY Times). “Preponderance of evidence” becomes “clear and convincing evidence”, and arbitration becomes allowed.
  3. Angela Merkel’s great escape“, by James Traub (Foreign Policy).
  4. The blockbuster showdown at tomorrow’s Berlin Marathon“, by Ed Cesar (Wired). Good luck to all the runners at Berlin!
  5. Are physical limits all in our heads?“, by Alex Hutchinson (NY Times). An article using tomorrow’s Berlin Marathon as an excuse (or launching pad) to talk about psychology in athletes.
  6. Uber loses license to operate in London“, by Prashant S. Rao & Mike Isaac (NY Times).
  7. Back and forth on DACA leaves young immigrants ‘just dangling’ “, by Liz Robbins (NY Times).
  8. Failing charter schools have a reincarnation plan“, by Annie Waldman (Slate).
  9. The future of detecing brain damage in football“, by Patrick Hruby (The Atlantic).

Read — 2017/09/22

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The real-life diet of Diego Estrada, Olympic long-distance runner“, by Christopher Cason (GQ).
  2. Humidity can be a bit unkind: recap of the Houston Half Marathon” (Roots Running Project).
  3. Becky Wade’s summer training update” (Houston Marathon Foundation).

Read — 2017/09/20

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Lena Waithe made history, and she gave an Emmys speech for right now“, by Reggie Ugwu (NY Times).

Read — 2017/09/17

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. America’s crisis of disconnection runs deeper than politics“, by Brené Brown (Fast Company).
  2. Here’s the one predictor of whether eyour kids will be successful in life“, by Calah Alexander (Aleteia). Spoiler alert: It’s grit. Be careful what is meant by “success”; better, define it for yourself. The ideas in this article echo those in Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset“. See Dweck’s TED talk.
  3. The Tim Ferriss Show: How to be creative like a motherf*cker“, by Tim Ferriss & Sheryl Strayed (The Tim Ferriss Show).

Shed construction

References on shed construction (many specific to Harris County, Houston, Texas):

  1. Suncast University” (Suncast).
  2. How to get a building permit for a shed“, by bdeitsch (Backyard Buildings).
  3. Harris County Permits Division : Frequently asked questions” (Harris County Engineering Department).
  4. Residential development permits” (Harris County Engineering Department).
  5. Residential development guide: garage, carport, or other accessory structures” (Houston Permitting Center).
  6. Houston flood zones” (ArcGIS).
  7. Storage sheds“, by Tim Carter (Ask the Builder). “It is a good idea to use Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) treated lumber. This lumber is rot resistant, and wood-destroying insects avoid it like the plague.”
  8. Do I need a vapor barrier for my tool shed?” (Do It Yourself). Forum discussion.
  9. Ground moisture barrier underlayment for shed” (Garage Journal). Forum discussion. Especially to the point is the post by jklingel on 2010-08-30: “Wood right against plastic is a rot waiting to happen. You are going to get water between the two no matter what. I would never put wood directly on plastic. Gravel is the way to go, IMO, about 4 to 6″ deep. Either that or bricks, etc, but use something that will drain and breathe.”

Read — 2017/09/16

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Closing in on cancer” (The Economist).
  2. Anna Wintour’s October editor’s letter: Hillary’s memoir and the significance behind the issue“, by Anna Wintour (Vogue).
  3. Revisionist history : Carlos doesn’t remember“, by Malcolm Gladwell (Revisionist History).

Read — 2017/09/13

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. This legal rebel takes the cases of the world’s most vulnerable“, by Poornima Apte (OZY).
  2. What are the flaws in two-factor authentication?“, by G.F. (The Economist).
  3. The real heroes are dead“, by James B. Stewart (The New Yorker, 11 Feb 2002). A tribute to September 11th hero Rick Rescorla and the woman who survives him.

Read — 2017/09/10

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Our weather-prediction models keep getting better, and Hurricane Irma is the proof“, by Alan Burdick (The New Yorker).
  2. 9 strategies America’s healthiest schools practice“, by Rachel Morris (Woman’s Day).
  3. Factors influencing girls’ participation in sports” (Women’s Sports Foundation).
  4. How to keep girls in the game after puberty“, by Kelly Wallace (CNN).
  5. Disney’s stock: short-term challenges“, by Steven Mallas (Seeking Alpha).
  6. 99% invisible“. iTunes preview. Reminds me of the podcast “In our time with Melvyn Bragg“.

Read — 2017/09/06

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Workers: fear not the robot apocalypse“, by Greg Ip (Wall Street Journal). History has repeatedly shown that automation creates more jobs for humans than it destroys — though the same humans who are laid off aren’t always the ones given the new jobs.
  2. Political divisions in U.S. are widening, long-lasting, poll shows“, by Janet Hook (Wall Street Journal). Surprise surprise.
  3. Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Caribbean“, by Arian Campo-Flores & Jon Kamp (Wall Street Journal).

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)


  1. Trump administration ends DACA program for immigrants“, by Laura Meckler (Wall Street Journal).
  2. 9 facts that explain DACA, the immigration program that Trump is threatening to end“, by Dara Lind (Vox).
  3. Who qualifies for Deferred Action as an Immigrant Student or Graduate (DACA)“, by Ilona Bray, J.D. (Nolo).
  4. Is ending DACA the worst decision Trump has made?“, by William Finnegan.
  5. What the repeal of DACA means — and how you can fight back“, by Kaitlin Menza (Vogue).
  6. The economic and fiscal impacts of DACA and DAPA in Minnesota“, by Katherine Fennelly (Understanding Immigration).
  7. 6 remarkable pros and cons of amnesty for illegal immigrants” (ConnectUS).
  8. Deferred action — pros and cons” (Skagit Immigrant Rights Council).
  9. Applying for DACA? Here are the pros and cons” (Dyan Williams Law).
  10. What attorneys should tell DACA clients as uneasiness lingers“, by Allissa Wickham (Law 360).