Read — 2017/10/18

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. When your child crashes the parent-teacher conference“, by Sue Shellenbarger (Wall Street Journal).
  2. Welcome to high school. Now go to college.“, by Melissa Korn (Wall Street Journal). A look at dual-enrollment programs.
  3. This capital city is desperate for a face-lift“, by Matt Foley (OZY). A look at Hartford, Connecticut.
  4. Europe’s glass ceiling“, by Ginger Hervey (Politico). Why aren’t more women involved in European politics?
  5. The women’s hockey star fighting to grow the game“, by Matt Foley (OZY). Pro teams have a roster salary cap roughly half that of the minimum contract for a single NFL player?! This fight is worthy of a five-minute major (read).