Read — 2017/11/14

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Two dozen African girls dead at sea“, by Tariro Mzezewa (NY Times). But what can those of us outside trafficking routes do? Refuse to support politicians whose policies and rhetoric make the situation worse, for one.
  2. Your Ph.D. thesis sounds funky! Let’s dance to it“, by Melissa Korn (Wall Street Journal).
  3. Drones peer inside a volcano“, by Shannon Hall (Scientific American).
  4. Could crowdfunding save pro sports teams?“, by Sam Rosenthal (OZY). The vignette of Queen Bey leading the Houton Rockets is an effective rhetorical technique.
  5. A hedge fund that has a university“, by Thomas Gilbert & Christopher Hrdlicka (Wall Street Journal).