Read — 2017/12/19

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. What needs to happen before electric cars take over the world“, by Jack Ewing (NY Times).
  2. Chasing the next bitcoin, investors shell out $700 million for coins with ‘no purpose’“, by Paul Vigna & Peter Rudegeair (Wall Street Journal). What exactly are investors (or speculators) paying for when they buy cryptocurrency? The answer depends on the currency, but for a general answer (and an accessible explanation of the technology underlying cryptocurrency), check out this 26-minute YouTube video by 3Blue1Brown.
  3. The bitcoin boom: in code we trust“, by Tim Wu (NY Times). When humans and human institutions fail, it’s time to put our trust in machines. (But who makes the machines?)

Plus, several intriguing articles in the 2017 Christmas double issue of The Economist.