Read — 2018/02/17

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Stoneman Douglas assistant football coach Aaron Feis killed responding to shooting“, by David Furones (Sun Sentinel). I’m sick of reading about children murdered at school. Let the government fix the problem? Hasn’t happened. I challenge you: Make a deliberate decision how you want to respond to these murders, talk with others, and make stopping the murder of our children the single issue deciding your votes this year.
  2. Cyril Ramaphosa succeeds Zuma as South African president“, (BBC).
  3. Canada firmly in heads of U.S. women’s hockey team players at Winter Olympics“, by Dan Wolken (USA Today). Like it or not, the 2-1 Canada-over-USA outcome in Game 3 of group stage (highlight video here), these teams are likely to match up again next Wednesday in the gold-medal game.
  4. Bitcoin surges back above $10,000“, by Paul Vigna (Wall Street Journal).
  5. Coinbase blames Visa for glitch that overcharged users“, by Fitz Tepper (Tech Crunch).