Science — 2018/05/14

by shwolff

Articles on dreaming!

  1. Dream : Neurobiology” (Wikipedia).
  2. Dream mechanisms: Is REM sleep indispensable for dreaming?“, by Tomoka Takeuchi (Sleep and Biological Rhythms, 2005-05-16).
  3. Dreaming also occurs during non rapid eye movement sleep“, by Aalto University (Science Daily, 2016-08-09).
  4. New research suggests we also dream during non-REM sleep cycles“, by Bob Yirka (Medical Xpress, 2017-04-11).
  5. Slumber party: reptiles, like us, have REM sleep and may dream“, by Will Dunham (Scientific American, 2016?-04-28).
  6. FYI : Do animals dream?“, by Kaitlin Miller (Popular Science, 2012-02-01).