Read — 2018-06-10

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Trump refuses to sign G-7 statement and calls Trudeau ‘weak’“, by Michael D. Shear & Catherine Porter (NY Times, 2018-06-09).
  2. Twenty years later, everything is The Truman Show“, by Julie Miller (Vanity Fair, 2018-06-05).
  3. At last: Halep wins Roland-Garros“, by Kate Battersby (Roland Garros, 2018-06-09). Congrats Simone on #1.
  4. Unstoppable“, by Ian Chadband (Roland-Garros, 2018-06-10). Congrats Rafa on #11.
  5. Would a single-payer system require painful sacrifices from doctors?“, by Robert H. Frank (NY Times, 2018-06-08).
  6. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and the feud over killer robots“, by Cade Metz (NY Times, 2018-06-09).
  7. Kevin and Farhad’s week in tech: did the ‘techlash’ matter?“, by Kevin Roose & Farhad Majoo (NY Times, 2018-06-08). For short-term stock prices of big tech, no. For their long-term outlook, probably.
  8. What to do when a loved one is severely depressed“, by Heather Murphy (NY Times, 2018-06-07). Sympathize, don’t strategize; set clear boundaries; take care of yourself.