Read — 2018-08-26

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. One of Google’s newest sister companies is almost ready to go after the $96 billion cybersecurity industry on a ‘planet scale’“, by Kate Fazzini (CNBC, 2018-08-23). The article gives a shout-out to the web-based malware detection and database app VirusTotal, now owned by Alphabet. Chronicle CEO Stephen Gillett suggests that the job market for cybersecurity professionals is pretty good: “I think the unemployment rate is at zero percent right now”.
  2. Apple hired scores of ex-Tesla employees this year, and not just for its car project“, by Lora Kolodny (CNBC, 2018-08-23). I’ve never worked in Silicon Valley, but I understand that worker turnover is relatively high there. I wouldn’t necessarily view this news as incriminating against Tesla. I’d pay more attention to what current and recent Tesla employees have to say.
  3. Recap: Warsaw meetup“, by Maki Mukai (Cardano, 2018-08-20). Notes from the Cardano team’s visit to Warsaw, Poland. (The team subsequently traveled to Krakow.)
  4. What is an API? In English, please.“, by Petr Gazarov (freeCodeCamp, 2016-08-13).