Read — 2018-08-31

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Here’s the conversation we really need to have about bias at Google“, by Farhad Manjoo (NY Times, 2018-08-30). The author raises two warnings: (1) Algorithms trained on real-world data are liable to incorporate biases in those data, subsequently reflecting and perpetuating these biases. (2) Secrecy makes it hard to monitor abuse.
  2. Feeling suicidal, students turned to their college. They were told to go home.“, by Anemona Hartocollis (NY Times, 2018-08-28).
  3. Asian-American students suing Harvard over affirmative action win Justice Department support“, by Katie Benner (NY Times, 2018-08-30). Instead of fighting to award coveted and limited spots at some university to one group or another — a “special interests” war — would we as a society be better served to fight for a world in which where you go to school matters less than what you know and what you can do?