Read — 2018-09-28

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Instagram’s Kevin Systrom on the platform he built for one billion users“, by Seth Stevenson (Wall Street Journal, 2018-09-25).
  2. SEC sues Elon Musk for fraud, seeks removal from Tesla“, by Dave Michaels, Susan Pulliam, Tim Higgins, & Michael Rapoport (Wall Street Journal, 2018-09-27).
  3. Why Tesla stock was slammed Friday“, by Daniel Sparks (The Motley Fool, 2018-09-28).
  4. Tesla shares sink on SEC lawsuit; sources say Musk could settle” (Reuters, 2018-09-28).
  5. ‘If they can, they will’: The Ford-Kavanaugh hearing and the angry politics of now“, by Susan B. Glasser (The New Yorker, 2018-09-27). The author comes across as priggish and as closed-minded as the one of “two Americas” she lambasts. What this article offers the reader is not a way forward, or even introspection, but a reaffirmation of “what we already knew”: you are right, and everyone who disagrees with you is wrong.
    Though the road is long, there is a way forward, and it starts with sincere respect for the individual, every individual: that high-school classmate you find yourself sexually attracted to, that politician you find yourself viscerally disgusted by. Righteous anger has its place, but directed against an action or an attitude, not an individual. “Trite and naïve”, you say. “Lovely ideals, but they can never be realized in practice.” Perhaps you are right, for the adults of our time. Perhaps they can never learn to sincerely respect one another. But might we teach children sincere respect for every individual? There I am more optimistic. Though adults, perhaps particularly politicians and those who make a living turning politics into reality TV, are undermining even this chance at creating a better future.