Read — 2018-10-09

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Tesla on path to profitability this year and 70% stock gain, Macquarie says“, by Michael Sheetz (CNBC, 2018-10-09).
  2. Macquarie puffs up Tesla“, by Joe Aston (Financial Review, 2018-10-09). A skeptical response to Macquarie’s sanguine predictions.
  3. Elon Musk’s outbursts are his pushback against the status quo, ex-colleague Reid Hoffman says“, by Berkeley Lovelace, Jr. (CNBC, 2018-10-09). Hoffman — successively a director, COO, and executive vice president of PayPal from 2000–2002, which overlapped with Musk (see [1] and [2]) — argues that Musk’s pushbacks stem from different focus on time horizons.
  4. ‘Cult of founders’ is becoming a real problem in Silicon Valley: Roger McNamee“, by Falyn Page (CNBC, 2018-10-05). Great innovators don’t necessarily make great business leaders. Reasons may include inability to delegate effectively and difficulty accepting criticism.