Read : 2018-10-16

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Elite-college admissions are broken“, by Alia Wong (The Atlantic, 2018-10-14). Does the current college admissions process encourage youth to misrepresent themselves in the hopes of being accepted to coveted schools? Might the educational system more generally (grades, peer pressure, etc.) train students to present what they think others want to see and hear, rather than who they are? What does “who they are” even mean?
  2. Netflix’s growth could slow due to interest rates, analysts warn“, by Annie Gaus (The Street, 2018-10-16). According to Yahoo! Finance, at the end of 2018 Q2, Netflix had debt of 8.3B USD, up from 4.9B USD in 2017 Q3.