Read : 2019-01-23

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Covington and the pundit apocalypse“, by Frank Bruni (NY Times, 2019-01-22). A frank introspection and scrutiny of the reactions and motives of the media.

    [W]e’re rewarded for fierce conviction, for utter certainty, for emphatically taking sides and staying unconditionally faithful to what we’ve pushed for and against in the past.

  2. The wall marks a deep cultural divide“, by Gerald F. Seib (Wall Street Journal, 2019-01-21).
  3. Will people ditch cash for cryptocurrency? Japan is about to find out“, by Mike Orcutt (MIT Technology Review, 2019-01-22). High-tech Japan still heavily favors low-tech cash, with all the infrastructure expenses it entails. Will the 2020 Olympics catalyze a change?
    The article estimates that Japan’s cash system costs 18b USD per year. Question: What would security and maintenance of a commensurate cashless system cost?
  4. I mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I loved Facebook. But I can’t stay silent about what’s happening.“, by Roger McNamee (Time, 2019-01-17).
  5. Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook’s challenges in 2018 and priorities in 2019“, by Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook, 2018-12-29). Telling that, in nearly a month, this post has garnered a mere 1.9k likes, 268 comments, and 193 shares.