Peak Performance : Blog Highlights

by shwolff

Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness wrote a book titled “Peak performance“, published in 2017. The authors regularly write short articles, which are e-mailed as a newsletter and archived here.

The articles are thoughtful and thought-provoking. Following are some of my favourite articles I’ve read so far. (There are also a few articles related to “Science of running”, by Steve Magness.)

  1. Tony Romo and deep vs. superficial understanding; and, Three kinds of friendship” (Peak Performance, 2019-01-23). First article: Approach our core activities deliberately. Second article: Expected and perceived level of difficulty. Be realistic, not idealistic, with our expectations. Don’t expect anything to be “easy”, regardless of how good our training has been.
  2. Practice as a way of living; and, Expecting easy makes things hard” (Peak Performance, 2018-05-30).
  3. The power of the people around you” (Peak Performance, 2017-05-24). Motivation — good and bad — is contagious. Build and nurture community.

    What sets the best apart from the rest isn’t cutting-edge technology, or ritzy facilities, or even great individual athletes or coaches. It’s the supportive community and culture; when the athletes and coaches are all dedicated to getting better and supporting each other in doing so.

  4. The truth about burnout: It’s not just about how we work, but also why we work” (Peak Performance, 2017-02-16). At any given moment, 40 – 50% of people are experiencing burnout. The link between burnout and passion. Harmonious versus obsessive passion.
  5. The insecurity of hard work” (Science of Running, 2017-10-11). Focus on the overcoming, not the success. Don’t lose sight of the big picture amidst arbitrary details. Have confidence in this big picture, and in yourself.