Read : 2019-01-28

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The hidden automation agenda of the Davos elite“, by Kevin Roose (NY Times, 2019-01-25). See also “The rise of the meritocracy” and “Player piano“. Speaking of hidden agendas, does Mr. Roose have one, with the way he frames this transformation?
  2. Why you and I need to fail“, by Jack Heimbigner (Medium, 2018-07-28).
  3. Here’s what happens when the coach of the marathon record holders does his first 26.2“, by Amby Burfoot (Runner’s World, 2019-01-24). Props to Andrew Jones for putting his feet where his brain is. Many may focus on the result, but perhaps we should think: This first-rate trainer now has first-hand experience to draw on. How will this affect his coaching?
    When asked what sets elite athletes apart, after citing the obligatory genetic factors, Dr. Jones highlights the knowledge of when to train and when to recover, “unshakeable” self-assurance, and patience. Food for thought.

And then there’s Nathan Chen and the 2019 US Figure Skating Championship: short program (YouTube, 2019-01-26) and free skate (YouTube, 2019-01-27).