Read : 2019-02-02

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The play deficit“, by Peter Gray (Aeon, 2013-11-18). One of the most reasoned and thought-provoking articles I’ve ever read. (References the Sudbury Valley School.)
  2. Self-reliance is the secret sauce to consistent happiness“, by Darius Foroux (Darius Foroux, 2016-10-31). Hearty suggestions, hearty humour.
  3. The myth of greatness“, by Steve Magness (Medium, 2018-02-18). Brought to mind something else I once read, an interview of an élite runner, I think by Murakami Haruki. In my (low-fidelity recording of a) mind, the exchange went as follows:
    Murakami : Are there ever days when you wake up and you don’t feel like running?
    Runner (staring at him like he’s crazy) : Umm, yeah.
    Murakami : What do you do?
    Runner : I run anyway.