Read : 2019-02-11

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. From Tennessee to Chicago, free college programs take off“, by Douglas Belkin & Michelle Hackman (Wall Street Journal, 2019-02-10). These programs promise to fund the first two years of community college. Is this the reform that pricey American higher education needs? Is it better than nothing?
  2. ‘They’re more attractive than real boyfriends.’ Inside the weird world of Chinese romance video games“, by Lu-Hai Liang (Wired, 2019-02-11). More interesting, to me, is the focus of the rest of the quote: “They’re very attentive. They’re generally more into feelings and emotions.”
  3. Donald Dossier: When sexts are just the start…“, by Daniel Malloy (OZY, 2019-02-10).