Read : 2019-03-10

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. FIFA’s record finances reignites World Cup pay parity debate“, by Rob Harris (Associated Press, 2019-03-06).
  2. US wraps up SheBelieves Cup with 1-0 win over Brazil“, by Anne M. Peterson (Associated Press, 2019-03-05). Groups for the 2019 Women’s World Cup have been announced.
  3. Compare any two colleges from the WSJ/THE college rankings” (Wall Street Journal, 2019-03-06). For reference only.
  4. Facebook plans new emphasis on private communications“, by Jeff Horwitz (Wall Street Journal, 2019-03-06).
  5. Trump administration weighs publicizing secret rates hospitals and doctors negotiate with insurers“, by Stephanie Armour & Anna Wilde Mathews (Wall Street Journal, 2019-03-07). Related, see the American Hospital Association’s public position on hospital price transparency.
  6. Worry about debt? Not so fast, some economists say“, by David Harrison & Kate Davidson (Wall Street Journal, 2019-02-17).

Cool archive:

  1. The Putnam archive“. Problems and solutions from recent Putnam exams.