Read : 2019-03-13

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The growth mindset problem“, by Carl Hendrick (Aeon, 2019-03-11). Research-style “interventions” fail to reproduce lab results in the classroom. The author concludes that the growth mindset might be better as philosophy than intervention, better as an implicit mores than an explicit slogan. Might Dweck et al. not reply, “Duh!”?
  2. Bribe styles of the rich and famous” (The Economist, 2019-03-13). Wow. The article hits the nail on the head when it bemusedly notes that there are legal, albeit more expensive, means of achieving the same results, “which for some reason generat[e] less [public] outrage”.

In investing (as always, take others’ analysis critically):

  1. 3 tech stocks to sell in March“, by Tezcan Gecgil (Investor Place, 2019-03-12). Analysis of Netflix, PayPal, and Snap.
  2. Eventbrite: Turning cautious after multiple red flags emerge“, by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2019-03-13). Analysis of some depth, despite misspelling the CEO’s name.