Read : 2019-03-23

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Tesla sales slump as ’19 starts is hinted at in state data“, by Neal E. Boudette (NY Times, 2019-03-22). Using new-car registrations from DMVs to estimate new car sales. The “payback” effect in the auto industry. Sales gimmicks and price increases (with a short window of delay) as signs of desperation to move merchandise.
  2. Owning a car will soon be as quaint as owning a horse“, by Kara Swisher (NY Times, 2019-03-22). This article lacks supporting data and logic. Ms. Swisher acknowledges, but does not address, differences in rural versus urban settings. Autonomous vehicles may (pardon the pun) drive up CO2 emissions, because it may be cheaper to drive around than to park short-term in expensive city parking lots.