A brief gallivant about the marketplace of ideas.

Month: April, 2019

Read : 2019-04-26

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Special briefing: Your (unredacted) Mueller report takeaways“, by OZY editors (OZY, 2019-04-19).
  2. Tesla’s earnings were a ‘debacle,’ says longtime bull in scorching commentary“, by Ciara Linnane & Claudia Assis (Market Watch, 2019-04-26).
  3. Jacob Collier discusses negative harmony and how to learn music“, by Danilo8208SS (YouTube, 2017-04-29).

International Monetary System


  1. Reform of the international monetary and financial system“, by Oliver Bush, Katie Farrant, & Michelle Wright (Bank of England, 2011-12).
  2. The 2015 Economic Report of the President“, by Jason Furman, Maurice Obstfeld, & Betsey Stevenson (The White House, 2015-02-19). Highlights from the full report (linked below).
  3. Economic Report of the President” (The White House, 2015-02).

Read : 2019-04-25

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. How healthy is the internet?” (Mozilla, 2019).
  2. Emotional intelligence: The social skills you weren’t taught in school“, by Eric Ravenscraft (Life Hacker, 2019-02-20?). The fruits of the social spirit: self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, and social skills. One pattern that emerges in techniques to develop these is to intentionally give time to listen, both to others, and to yourself.
  3. You’re not getting enough sleep — and it’s killing you“, by Emily Dreyfuss (Wired, 2019-04-20). The neuroscientist whose TED talk the article highlights — Matthew Walker — has several recorded talks on YouTube (though not the TED 2019 talk, yet), including “Why we sleep” (2015; 14:02), “Why we sleep: the new science of sleep and dreams” (2017; 54:51), and “Joe Rogan Experience #1109” (2018; 1:55:32).
  4. How to find your purpose and do what you love“, by Maria Popova (Brain Pickings, 2014-02-27).
  5. Can Uber ever make money?” (The Economist, 2019-04-27). The Economist glances back at centuries of the taxi industry for clues about Lyft’s and Uber’s future. Absent extensive regulation, they do not see a profitable picture.
  6. Made in China, exported to the world: the surveillance state“, by Paul Mozur, Jonah M. Kessel, & Melissa Chan (NY Times, 2019-04-24). While China is a modern poster child for the surveillance state, is it unfair to suggest that the system was “made in China”? Perhaps “adopted and furthered by China, returned to the rest of the world”?

Two math articles:

  1. What is a Coleman integral?“, by Jennifer S. Balakrishnan (American Mathematical Society, 2019-05).
  2. Hunting for foxes with sheaves“, by Michael Robinson (American Mathematical Society, 2019-05).

Read : 2019-04-19

First, for each of our edification and convenience, here is the (redacted) version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “Report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election” and Attorney General William Barr’s summary thereof. We can read the articles, and listen to the talking heads, but at the end of the day, let’s do our own homework, and think for ourselves.

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Worknesh Degefa cruises to 123rd Boston Marathon title“, by Barbara Heubner (Boston Athletic Association, 2019-04-15).
  2. Lawrence Cherono wins 2019 Boston Marathon title with last second surge“, by James O’Brien (Boston Athletic Association, 2019-04-15).
  3. Precise definitions of mathematical maturity“, by Benjamin Braun (American Mathematical Society, 2019-04-15).
  4. The bulldogs that bulldogs fight“, by Pradeep Mutalik (Quanta Magazine, 2019-04-17). A few logic puzzles.

A few articles on Pinterest (PINS):

  1. What to know about Pinterest before its IPO“, by David Trainer (Seeking Alpha, 2019-04-18).
  2. Pinterest: priced for failure“, by James Bonifer (Seeking Alpha, 2019-04-18).

Read : 2019-04-12

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Mathematicians discover the perfect way to multiply“, by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-04-11). If you “believe” in n log n.
  2. Walmart’s stock has run too far too fast“, by Michael Henage (Seeking Alpha, 2019-04-11).
  3. Lyft has all the traits of a bad investment“, by From Growth to Value (Seeking Alpha, 2019-04-11).

Read : 2019-04-11

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Julian Assange charged by U.S. with conspiracy to hack a government computer“, by Eileen Sullivan & Richard Pérez-Peña (NY Times, 2019-04-11). Question: What makes conspiracy to hack a government computer worse than conspiracy to hack an arbitrary computer?
  2. Digital exile: How I got banned for life from Airbnb“, by Jackson Cunningham (Medium, 2018-07-13). No need to read the article (unless you like he said, she said soap operas), just consider the point: If certain enterprises banned us from their platforms, what impact would it have on our life? Should such action be entirely at the discretion of the enterprise?
  3. I’m leaving Google — here’s the real deal behind Google Cloud“, by Amir Hermelin (Noteworthy, 2018-10-05).

And a selection of articles related to investing:

  1. Can Jeff Bezos make money in space?“, by Dan Neil & Andy Pasztor (Wall Street Journal, 2019-04-11).
  2. Tesla and Panasonic freeze spending on $4.5bn Gigafactory“, by Daishi Chiba &am; Itsuro Fujino (Nikkei, 2019-04-11).
  3. Tesla shares fall on conflicting reports over Japanese battery production“, by M. Corey Goldman (The Street, 2019-04-11).
  4. Why Pinterest is playing it super-conservative on its IPO price range“, by Motley Fool Staff (Motley Fool, 2019-04-10). Hosts Chris Hill and Dan Kline cite Pinterest’s low debt, steady growth, and low risk, as well as the growing digital advertising markets, as reasons to consider PINS. Reliance on advertising may be a risk.

Read : 2019-04-07

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. What happened in Green Bay“, by Tyler Dunne (Bleacher Report, 2019-04-04). Analysis of the Green Bay Packers, especially the dynamic between coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Read : 2019-04-05

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Cryptography that can’t be hacked“, by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-04-02).
  2. Finland’s universal basic income experiment just gave lawmakers really good reason to back the idea“, by David Meyer (Fortune, 2019-04-04). If you support government and are convinced by two years and 5% differences in mean.
  3. Universal basic assets: A smarter fix than universal basic income?“, by Molly Fosco (OZY, 2018-11-30).
  4. How China turned a city into a prison“, by Chris Buckley, Paul Mozur, & Austin Ramzy (NY Times, 2019-04-04).

Read : 2019-04-04

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. High school doesn’t have to be boring“, by Jal Mehta & Sarah Fine (NY Times, 2019-03-30). The authors observe “two different logics” dominate before and after the end-of-school bell: treat students like identical passive sponges before, treat students like unique active participants after. Urgency, teamwork, and learning by doing.
  2. The lost art of flirtation“, by the introvert (Medium, 2019-01-26). A rough draft attempting to tackle an intriguing question: How has online dating affected not dating and relationships, but the foreplay to those formalities formerly known as flirting?
  3. I swapped apps for dating in real life — this is what happened“, by Anna Johnstone (BBC, 2018-07-26).

Read : 2019-04-03

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Amid bitcoin uncertainty, ‘the smart money knows that crypto is not ready’“, by Nathaniel Popper (NY Times, 2019-04-02). Ready for what?
  2. Vladimir Nabokov, literary refugee“, by Stacy Schiff (NY Times, 2019-04-02). Glimpses into the harrowed flight of a young author, and how it shaped his development.