Read : 2019-04-04

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. High school doesn’t have to be boring“, by Jal Mehta & Sarah Fine (NY Times, 2019-03-30). The authors observe “two different logics” dominate before and after the end-of-school bell: treat students like identical passive sponges before, treat students like unique active participants after. Urgency, teamwork, and learning by doing.
  2. The lost art of flirtation“, by the introvert (Medium, 2019-01-26). A rough draft attempting to tackle an intriguing question: How has online dating affected not dating and relationships, but the foreplay to those formalities formerly known as flirting?
  3. I swapped apps for dating in real life — this is what happened“, by Anna Johnstone (BBC, 2018-07-26).