Read : 2019-04-11

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Julian Assange charged by U.S. with conspiracy to hack a government computer“, by Eileen Sullivan & Richard Pérez-Peña (NY Times, 2019-04-11). Question: What makes conspiracy to hack a government computer worse than conspiracy to hack an arbitrary computer?
  2. Digital exile: How I got banned for life from Airbnb“, by Jackson Cunningham (Medium, 2018-07-13). No need to read the article (unless you like he said, she said soap operas), just consider the point: If certain enterprises banned us from their platforms, what impact would it have on our life? Should such action be entirely at the discretion of the enterprise?
  3. I’m leaving Google — here’s the real deal behind Google Cloud“, by Amir Hermelin (Noteworthy, 2018-10-05).

And a selection of articles related to investing:

  1. Can Jeff Bezos make money in space?“, by Dan Neil & Andy Pasztor (Wall Street Journal, 2019-04-11).
  2. Tesla and Panasonic freeze spending on $4.5bn Gigafactory“, by Daishi Chiba &am; Itsuro Fujino (Nikkei, 2019-04-11).
  3. Tesla shares fall on conflicting reports over Japanese battery production“, by M. Corey Goldman (The Street, 2019-04-11).
  4. Why Pinterest is playing it super-conservative on its IPO price range“, by Motley Fool Staff (Motley Fool, 2019-04-10). Hosts Chris Hill and Dan Kline cite Pinterest’s low debt, steady growth, and low risk, as well as the growing digital advertising markets, as reasons to consider PINS. Reliance on advertising may be a risk.