Read : 2019-06-15

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Why the NSA called me after midnight and requested my source code“, by Peter Avritch (Medium, 2018-10-23). Part of me appreciates the author’s desire to protect others. Part of me wonders why someone (or some organization) that wants your help can’t share a little more about what your help is actually going to be used for. (Oh, right, the secrecy is meant to protect us.) Part of me realizes there is very little individuals can do against modern state power. Part of me is impressed that individuals are still willing to band together and try and, sometimes, prevail (see Hong Kong), at least on the surface.

In the crypto world, several announcements about exchanges delisting certain coins for, or outright blocking, US users. None of the articles cites a reason. Presumably the delisted coins are not “US compliant”.

  1. Binance DEX website will geoblock users from 29 countries, including the US“, by Adrian Zmudzinski (Coin Telegraph, 2019-06-02).
  2. Crypto exchange Bittrex to block US users from trading in 32 cryptos“, by Adrian Zmudzinski (Coin Telegraph, 2019-06-09).
  3. US residents will lose access to many altcoins on Binance starting in September“, by Max Broddy (Coin Telegraph, 2019-06-15). I think what the article title means is, Certain altcoins will be untradable for US users, via any (legally registered) market, when Binance becomes unavailable to US users (though I thought this was scheduled to happen 1 July, not in September).