Read : 2019-06-20

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The monopolies of the future will be Chinese — and state-owned“, by Ben Halder (OZY, 2019-06-17). My take-aways: China is home to several State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs). These SOEs are large and growing larger fast. (Then again, China is large, so are we surprised that eventually Chinese companies will outnumber American ones in the Fortune 500?) The article alleges that SOEs “benefit from favorable legislation and regulation” — not surprising, given the ownership, but examples would be nice.
  2. The Trilemma“, by Marina N. Bolotnikova (Harard Magazine, 2019-07/08). A long, well written survey of economist Dani Rodrik’s work.
  3. Zip code vs. genetic code“, by Erin O’Donnell (Harvard Magazine, 2019-07/08). A short case study of how to mine data.
  4. Facebook unveils cryptocurrency libra in bid to reshape finance“, by Jeff Horwitz & Parmy Olson (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-18).
  5. Libra coin? What you need to know about Facebook’s answer to bitcoin“, by Parmy Olson (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-18). A concise FAQ for Facebook’s libra. At least, what (little) is now known.
  6. The speed freak who transformed running“, by Katie Arnold (NY Times, 2019-06-14). A book review of “Running to the edge”, by NY Times deputy sports manager Matthew Futterman. Love the quote: “They are chasing victory, but also the primal idea of doing what the body was meant to do, doing it beautifully and to its fullest extent, which are really the same thing.”
  7. Why Americans are so skeptical of impeachment“, by James C. Cobb (Zocalo, 2019-06-19). Blame Andrew Johnson, and the convenience of viewing everything in politics as being primarily politically motivated.
  8. U.N. investigator calls for probe of Saudi officials in Khashoggi killing“, by Carol Morello & Kareem Fahim (Washington Post, 2019-06-19). Call of the obvious, or, when politics trumps humanity.