Read : 2019-06-26

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Huawei telecom gear much more vulnerable to hackers than rivals’ equipment, report says“, by Kate O’Keeffe & Dustin Volz (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-25). In a report, US-based cybersecurity firm Finite State analyzes “more than 1.5 million files embedded within 9,936 firmware images supporting 558 different products” made by Huawei. Finite State also compares the security of the Huawei CE12800 network switch to two others (Arista 7280R and Juniper EX4650) (pp 39 – 41).
  2. When gravity breaks down“, by Sabine Hossenfelder (Nautilus, 2019-02-15).
  3. Republicans don’t understand democrats — and democrats don’t understand republicans“, by Yascha Mounk (The Atlantic, 2019-06-23). A summary of findings from “The perception gap” study, run by More in Common. The study blames “negative partisanship” on misunderstanding (and misrepresentation) of the beliefs of opposing political parties. Media exposure is positively correlated to this misunderstanding, as is (shockingly) education, for democrats. “[Democrats] with a postgrad degree have a way more skewed view of Republicans than anybody else.” The article concludes that the situation is “deeply worrying” and “downright disturbing”. But is it unexpected? Isn’t convincing the electorate that there are only two viable options (a false dilemma), and that the alternative is evil incarnate, an effective way to secure votes and cling to power? Should big media be held accountable for creating and promoting this poisonous political atmosphere, in the way that some are clamoring for big tech to be held accountable for purported abuse of their power?