Read : 2019-06-28

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Why you need to watch the USWNT vs. France“, by Jason Gay (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-27).
  2. The soccer team built to beat the U.S.“, by Joshua Robinson (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-26). That would be France, the USA’s opponent in today’s quarterfinal’s match.
  3. Supreme Court declines to set limits on political gerrymandering“, by Jess Bravin & Brent Kendall (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-27).
  4. The Democrats’ small-band debate is a recipe for failure against Trump“, by Lauren Claffey (OZY, 2019-06-27). A warning to politicians treating voters like…well, like Facebook treats its users, “lumping and re-lumping…voters into neat groups that are served a specific message, tailored for their interests…”
  5. Cryptocurrency winners are starting to emerge“, by Aaron Brown (Bloomberg, 2019-06-07). The article cites ADA, DASH, ETH, LTC, TRX as coins that “failed to maintain their values in terms of Bitcoin at the market low in December 2018”; MIOTA, NEO, XLM, XMR, XRP as coins that “have not maintained their Bitcoin capitalization in the 2019 rally”. The author is positive on “five currencies…that took full advantage of the rally in December 2017, maintained good value even at the lows in December 2018, and have rebounded sharply”: BAT, BNB, BTC, EOS, FRC; and on certain “coins introduced…after the peak”: BSV, CRO, DAI and MKR, ONT, XTZ. The author ends warning that cryptocurrency investments are “high risk” and says he invests 2% of his portfolio in diverse cryptocurrency holdings (for what it’s worth).
  6. Goodbye, object oriented programming“, by Charles Scalfani (Medium, 2016-07-23).