Read : 2019-07-08

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Can Khan Academy scale to educate anyone, anywhere?“, by Brian Kenny (Cold Call Podcast, 2019-06-18). How does Professor Bill Sahlman’s business background frame and bias his analysis?
  2. Delving into the mysticism of music“, by Janet Maslin (NY Times, 1992-11-13). A review of the film “Tous les matins du monde” (“All the mornings of the world“), directed by Alain Corneau.
  3. Behold, the most (intentionally) poorly designed website ever created“, by Samuel Axon (Ars Technica, 2019-07-04).
  4. While Trump isolates the U.S., it’s ‘let’s make a deal’ for the rest of the world“, by Keith Johnson (Foreign Policy, 2019-07-03).
  5. The making of the mighty Megan Rapinoe“, by Eugene S. Robinson (OZY, 2019-07-02).
  6. Selling your private information is a terrible idea“, by Sarah Jeong (NY Times, 2019-07-05). A topic worthy of discussion. The analogy to selling kidneys? Misapplied at best, intentionally misleading at worst.
  7. This reporter asks a lot of questions. In Japan, that makes her unusual.“, by Motoko Rich (NY Times, 2019-07-05). Are such cultural comparisons better read in the mindset of tradeoffs rather than moral absolutes?
  8. Democracy is for the gods“, by Costica Bradatan (NY Times, 2019-07-05). “Genuine democracy is difficult to achieve and once achieved, fragile. In the grand scheme of human events, it [has been] the exception, not the rule.”