Read : 2019-09-12

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Exclusive: US extracted top spy from inside Russia in 2017“, by Jim Sciutto (CNN, 2019-09-10). The article states that “a person directly involved in the discussions” alleges that the exfiltration “was driven, in part, by concerns that President Donald Trump…could contribute to exposing the covert source as a spy”. The CIA director of public affairs is quoted as saying “CNN’s narrative…is inaccurate”. The article concludes with “the whereabouts of the asset [i.e. the spy] today are unknown to CNN”. No duh.
  2. California Assembly passes bill that brings state to verge of rules showdown with NCAA“, by Steve Berkowitz (USA Today, 2019-09-09). The pass was unanimous. Remarks by NCAA president Mark Emmert and bill sponsor Sydney Kamlager-Dove suggest the issue has become a power struggle, with the student-athletes as pawns. Sad.
  3. A new reason to buy Amazon and no one noticed“, by The European View (Seeking Alpha, 2019-09-09). A philosophical (i.e. little data) analysis of network effects. This article argues that a ruling by Düsseldorf’s Higher Regional Court (concerning Facebook’s use of user data) suggests that “competition authorities are no longer able to regulate…companies on consumer protection grounds alone”.