Read : 2019-09-28

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Harvard EdCast: Understanding immigration“, by Jill Anderson (Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2019-09-18). An interview with Harvard Professor Roberto Gonzales.
  2. Now-ranked Rice Owls volleyball enjoy signature win” (KHOU News, 2019-09-25).
  3. Exercise is medicine“, by Lindsay Peyton (Houston Chronicle, 2019-09-26).

Articles on multiplication (multiplication? yes, multiplication!):

  1. On your mark, get set, multiply“, by Patrick Honner (Quanta Magazine, 2019-09-23). A look at the Karatsuba algorithm.
  2. Mathematicians discover the perfect way to multiply“, by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-04-11). Clocking multiplication algorithms.

Selected articles about Trump, Ukraine, and American politics:

  1. The impeachment inquiry: Off and running but with some key blind spots” (OZY, 2019-09-25). An interview with former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin.
  2. Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry, says Trump’s courting of foreign political help is a ‘betrayal of national security’“, by Rachael Bade, Mike DeBonis, & Karoun Demirjian (Washington Post, 2019-09-24).
  3. Today may be the most important day of Trump’s tenure“, by Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post, 2019-09-24). An opinion piece that captures well the prevailing politicized sentiments. “Pelosi likes to say public sentiment is everything.” This fiasco is not solely about morality, abuse of power, etc. It is also political warfare, assertion of power, and total domination.
  4. Whistleblower alleges White House effort to conceal details of Trump call with Ukraine“, by Dustin Volz, Warren P. Strobel, & Siobhan Hughes (Wall Street Journal, 2019-09-26).
  5. Whistleblower complaint” (Wall Street Journal).
  6. Donald Trump urged Ukraine to investigate the Bidens“, by Lexington (The Economist, 2019-09-25).
  7. The move towards impeachment marks a dangerous shift” (The Economist, 2019-09-26).
  8. Trump call transcript summary shows he pressed Ukranian president to probe Biden“, by Grace Segers, Katrhyn Watson, Clare Hymes, & Emily Tillett (CBS, 2019-09-25). This article embeds the five-page call transcript.
  9. 2016 Democratic National Committee email leak” (Wikipedia). CrowdStrike is one of the cybersecurity firms cited as having “reviewed the DNC servers” and alleged that the source of the DNC hacks was two Russian intelligence groups. Wikipedia also cites Comey as stating that CrowdStrike gave the FBI “copies of the [DNC] servers and all the information on them, as well as access to forensics”.