Read : 2019-12-18

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Graduate students strike” by Marina N. Bolotnikova (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  2. Forum: Doing less harm” by David Hemenway (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  3. The mystery of mathematics” by Jacob Barandes (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  4. Famous fluid equations spring a leak” by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-12-18).
  5. What is chocolate? Don’t go through the rest of your life not knowing” by Alex Beggs (Basically, 2019-12-11).
  6. Why California should not adopt New York’s ‘right to shelter’” by Deborah Padgett (OZY, 2019-12-18).
  7. A surveillance net blankets China’s cities, giving police vast powers” by Paul Mozur & Aaron Krolik (NY Times, 2019-12-11).