Read : 2020-01-09

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The economy is expanding. Why are economists so glum?” by Jim Tankersley & Jeanna Smialek (NY Times, 2020-01-08). Economics is called “the dismal science” for a reason…
  2. Major TikTok security flaws found” by Ronen Bergman, Sheera Frenkel, & Raymond Zhong (NY Times, 2020-01-08). Israel-based cybersecurity firm Check Point uncovered vulnerabilities “core to TikTok’s systems” that could allow hackers to “take control of their accounts” and “retrieve personal information from TikTok user accounts”. TikTok claims to have fixed these vulnerabilities as of 2019-12-15. The article does not make clear to what extent similar vulnerabilities are found in other apps.
  3. PBS’s sexy ‘Sanditon’ finishes what Jane Austen started” by Roslyn Sulcas (NY Times, 2020-01-08).
  4. Before the ‘final solution’ there was a ‘test killing’” by Kenny Fries (NY Times, 2020-01-08). A reminder of the Nazi’s mass killing of 70,000 disabled people in Aktion T4, and of 230,000 disabled people after. The “test killing” was followed by the systematic extermination of millions of “undesirables” in the Holocaust. Beware dehumanizing language and behavior.
  5. The World War II ‘wonder drug’ that never left Japan” by Peter Andreas (Zocalo, 2020-01-08). On the origins and outbreak of amphetamines.
  6. I tried ‘kakeibo’ — the Japanese art of saving money — and it completely changed how I spend my money” by Sarah Harvey (CNBC, 2020-01-08). Mindfulness in money and life.
  7. The danger of absolute thinking is absolutely clear” by Mohammed Al-Mosaiwi (Aeon, 2018-05-02).