Read : 2020-02-10

by shwolff

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. A dark web tycoon pleads guilty. But how was he caught?” by Patrick Howell O’Neill (MIT Technology Review, 2020-02-08). Law-enforcement triumph and cybersecurity nightmare.
  2. The surprising science behind friendship” by Andrea Petersen (Wall Street Journal, 2020-02-09).
  3. Scientists say your ‘mind’ isn’t confined to your brain, or even your body” by Olivia Goldhill (Quartz, 2016-12-24).
  4. A legacy of incoherence” by Amira Rose Davis (The New Republic, 2020-02-01). “A full portrait of a life is jagged and messy. It’s incoherent. Made more so when mythmaking attempts to smooth it out, and when memorials seek to absolve instead of reckon with. These pieces of a person may seem disjointed and distant, but in reality they are interwoven and overlapping. Disentangling that is a shared responsibility, something we owe to each other to get right.” What does it mean to “get [it] right”? Is it even “right” to “disentangle” the “interwoven” threads of people, rather than accepting them as multifaceted, complex contradictions? Is our drive to disentangle a drive to neatly compartmentalize others, to label them as “superstar” or “rapist”?
  5. How Margot Robbie changed her Hollywood destiny” by Anne Helen Petersen (BuzzFeed, 2020-02-07). An empowering piece about exerting control of your direction and narrative, even in the face of contrary expectations.