A brief gallivant about the marketplace of ideas.

Month: March, 2020

Read : 2020-03-23

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The coder and the dictator” by Nathaniel Popper & Ana Vanessa Herrero (NY Times, 2020-03-20).
  2. Cryptography pioneer seeks secure elections the low-tech way” by Susan D’Agostino (Quanta Magazine, 2020-03-12).
  3. I read the 1936 book that launched Warren Buffet’s career and it’s truly inspiring” by Bill Murphy Jr. (Inc, 2018-08-02). The author points out the following five lessons: (1) Act now, not tomorrow. (2) Do what you know. (3) There’s no time like right now. (Similar in spirit to point 1.) (4) Ordinary people can become extraordinary. (5) Every generation thinks they have it harder.
  4. Does running a marathon suppress your immune system?” by James Turner & John P Campbell (Medical Express, 2018-04-18). An article pointing out reasons to be skeptical of earlier evidence that endurance athletics suppresses the immune system.
  5. Immune to it all” by Jayme Moye (Runner’s World, 2011-09-29). Tips for staying healthy.

Read : 2020-03-09

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The infinite scroll” by David Roth (Columbia Journalism Review, 2020-03-04).
  2. What really happens when you donate your clothes — and why it’s bad” by Taylor Bryant (Nylon, 2018-02-02).
  3. ‘Mad men’: The last great drama of TV’s golden age” by Sonia Saraiya (Variety, 2017-07-18).

Read : 2020-02-06

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Landmark computer science proof cascades through physics and math” by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2020-03-04).
  2. February jobs report: U.S. adds a whopping 273k jobs, unemployment rate unexpectedly falls to 3.5%” by Emily McCormick (Yahoo Finance, 2020-03-06). Non-farm payrolls increased by 273k jobs, versus 175k expected. Average hourly earnings increased 0.3% month-on-month and 3.0% year-on-year, both equaling expectations.
  3. Pachinko (novel)” (Wikipedia).

Read : 2020-03-05

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. How political ideas keep economic inequality going” by Christina Pazzanese (The Harvard Gazette, 2020-03-03). “We’ve been accustomed for several decades to treaties without any explicit fiscal or social policy. This has to change.”
  2. Buffet lost $90 billion by not following his own advice” by Lance Roberts (Seeking Alpha, 2020-03-04). Sensational title.