A brief gallivant about the marketplace of ideas.

Month: April, 2020

Read : 2020-04-22

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The federal fisc” by Karen Dynan & Douglas Elmendorf (Harvard Magazine, 2020-05).
  2. Will truth prevail?” by Drew Pendergrass (Harvard Magazine, 2020-05). “What is truth?” –Pontius Pilate
  3. Eventbrite: Global shutdowns will inflict heavy damage” by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2020-04-22).

Read : 2020-04-13

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Markets are mistaken. The worst isn’t over.” by Larry Hatheway & Alex Friedman (Barron’s, 2020-04-13).

Battery disposal

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. FYI : It’s totally fine to throw away most batteries” by Mike Murphy (Quartz, 2015-01-23). Cites battery manufacturers (Duracell, Energizer) who claim “[a]lkaline batteries can be safely disposed of with normal household waste”.
  2. Yes you need to recycle your old batteries” by Thomas Germain (Consumer Reports, 2019-04-20). This article agrees that “[t]oday, primary batteries are rather benign chemically” but argues you still shouldn’t throw them away.
  3. Duracell care, use, and disposal” (Duracell).

Read : 2020-04-11

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. St John Passion to be live-streamed from Bach’s Leipzig church on Good Friday” (Gramophone, 2020-04-07). The article contains a link to the Bach Archive’s Facebook channel, where you can find a recording of the performance (prefaced by a couple others) in a posts dated 2020-04-10.
  2. How to edit your own writing” by Harry Guinness (NY Times, 2020-04-07). The first step is recognizing that editing is (always) needed.
  3. In cyberwar, there are no rules” by Tarah Wheeler (Foreign Policy, 2018-09-12).
  4. Will we forgive Amazon when this is over?” by Christopher Mims (Wall Street Journal, 2020-04-11).
  5. How to prevent pinholes in T-shirts near your belly button” by Alison Gary (Wardrobe Oxygen, 2018-04-05). So that’s where those holes come from: bottom hardware. Some YouTube videos [1,2] on how to fix them.

And why not? Some classic Federer [1,2], hors contexte, compliments of YouTube.

Read : 2020-04-08

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Wuhan finally free as Chinese stocks rebound” by Alex Frew McMillan (Real Money, 2020-04-08). “Chinese shares have gained 7.1% since March 23, when death and infection counts clearly started to slow. That trimmed stock losses for the year by half to a 7.7% fall in 2020.” The article also discusses (speculates on) the true extent of the disease in China and other countries.
  2. Zoom Video Communications poses new risk parameters for longs” by Bruce Kamich (Real Money, 2020-04-07).

Reference : OS backup : Windows 10 64-bit

Articles on creating a backup of Windows 10 64-bit operating system:

  1. Backup Windows 10 to USB drive: Two simple ways are here!” by Vera (MiniTool, 2020-01-17). The first way uses MiniTool’s freeware (I have never used this). The second way uses Windows’s built-in Backup and Restore utility.
  2. How to take a full backup of Windows 10 on an external hard drive” (FAQForge).
  3. Create a Windows 10 system image backup” by Aseem Kishore (Help Desk Gee, 2018-01-30).
  4. How to backup Windows 10 64-bit easily and quickly?” by Ivy (Aomei, 2020-02-26).
  5. What is the actual size of Windows 10, 64-bit?” (Quora, 2018-05-03). Best answer: ISO size is approximately 4.5 GB. (To install, at least 20 GB free space required on installation drive.)
  6. How big of a USB do I need for Windows 10?” (Quora, 2019). Best answer (with screenshot of USB partition): 3.99 GB. 120 GB USB, formatted as 32 GB FAT32, remainder “unallocated”. USB 3.0 is recommended, because it is faster than previous USB versions (2.0, 1.1) for data transfer. USB 3.0 devices will work in earlier-version USB ports (see below).
  7. Does USB 3.0 work with USB 2.0? A guide to USB versions and compatibility” (cmd-ltd). “The short answer is yes — USB 3.0 does work with USB 2.0 [and USB 1.1], but you won’t get the speeds of USB 3.0 technology.”

Read : 2020-04-05

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Life in lockdown: From shock to panic to…acceptance” by Pien Huang (NPR, 2020-03-18).
  2. China’s draconian lockdown is getting credit for slowing coronavirus. Would it work anywhere else?” by Amy Gunia (Time, 2020-03-13).
  3. Bernanke and Yellen: The Federal Reserve must reduce long-term damage from coronavirus” by Ben Bernanke & Janet Yellen (Financial Times, 2020-03-18).
  4. Ask the know-it-alls: What is the coronavirus?” by Sara Harrison (Wired, 2020-03-03).
  5. How South Korea flattened the curve” by Max Fisher & Choe Sang-Hun (NY Times, 2020-03-23).
  6. The savior elite: Inside the special operations force tasked with rescuing Navy SEALS” by Joshua St. Clair (Esquire, 2019-12-26).
  7. AI is changing work — and leaders need to adapt” by Martin Fleming (Harvard Business Review, 2020-03-24).
  8. Why you can smell rain” by Tim Logan (The Conversation, 2018-08-27).
  9. Why calling the market bottom doesn’t matter” by Ethan Wolff-Mann (Yahoo Finance, 2020-03-24).
  10. Reflections by Becky Wade” by Becky Wade (Rice Owls, 2020-03-24).
  11. What’s inside the Senate’s $2 trillion coronavirus aid package” by Kelsey Snell (NPR, 2020-03-26). In particular: Approximately 300B USD for one-time cash payments to individuals (subject to income cap) and 260B USD for “extra unemployment payments”. “The bill adds $600 per week from the federal government on top of whatever base amount a worker receives from the state. That boosted payment will last for four months.”
  12. Policy basics: How many weeks of unemployment compensation are available?” (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 2020-03-23). Short answer: It depends on the state.
  13. SprintFIT: A guide to sprinting for fitness” (ALTIS, 2020-03).