Adobe Flash Player

by shwolff


Adobe is discontinuing distribution and update of Adobe Flash Player after 2020-12-31 [1]. New web standards make Flash Player largely unnecessary [2,6]. Security flaws (and the end of security updates after 2020) make Flash Player dangerous. Uninstall Adobe Flash Player [3mac,3windows].


A pop-up window titled “Update Adobe Flash Player” (from an application named “Adobe Flash Player Install Manager”) appeared on my computer screen several times a day. (Note : These pop-up windows seem to appear as stand-alone windows in my computer, NOT in a web browser.) I found no evidence that this is malware. It seems to be related to settings in “System Preferences > Flash Player > Updates”, which were set to “Notify me to install updates” [4,5]. The preceding references state that updating these settings to either of the alternatives (“Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)” or “Never check for updates (not recommended)”) would make the pop-up windows go away. Selecting the radio button for either of these options opened another pop-up window (the same window for both options, with the text “legacyLoader is trying to install a new helper tool.”). I could find no evidence of malware, but I had been sufficiently spooked by reports of malware that I preferred not to enter my admin password to install the helper tool.

Adobe’s website states that “Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020” [1].

UPDATE (2020-05-26). I uninstalled Flash Player from my laptop one week ago. The “Update Adobe Flash Player” pop-up prompts stopped immediately, and I have not experienced any content issues (web browsing, etc.).

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