1. Technique videos, by Concept2 Rowing. 5:42 video with textual summary.


Collected resources and insight for (distance) running

Race Lists

  1. Run Guides.


  1. How do I train based on heart rate?“, by Jenny Hadfield (Runner’s World).
  2. 3 ways runners get speed work wrong (and how to make it right)“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Map My Run). Consistency, timing, and recovery.
  3. The perfect training guide for marathon prep“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Map My Run). Long runs incorporating goal marathon pace, tempo runs, and speed work.
  4. The best strength exercises for runners“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Strength Running). Dynamic warm-up, run, strength.
  5. The standard core routine“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Strength Running). (1) Bike (2) Plank (3) Bridge (4) Side plank (5) Bird dog (6) Supine leg lift
  6. The Mattock dynamic warm-up routine“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Strength Running).
  7. Exercises to improve your hill running“, by Kit Fox (Runner’s World).



  1. Nathan Adrian : Freestyle stroke — swim technique” (Speedo on YouTube).
  2. How to stop your legs from sinking in freestyle” (Effortless Swimming on YouTube).
  3. Freestyle body position — swim technique” (Speedo on YouTube).
  4. Dolphin kick — caterpillar drill” (Swim Labs on YouTube).
  5. Learning the underwater dolphin [kick] — Step 1” (Turns on YouTube).


  1. 10 elements of a perfect freestyle stroke“, by Alex Kostich (