1. Brake pads buying guide” (Chain Reaction Cycles).


  1. Technique videos, by Concept2 Rowing. 5:42 video with textual summary.


Collected resources and insight for (distance) running

Race Lists

  1. Run Guides.

Training Advice


  1. The perfect training guide for marathon prep“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Map My Run). Long runs incorporating goal marathon pace, tempo runs, and speed work.
  2. The best strength exercises for runners“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Strength Running). Dynamic warm-up, run, strength.
  3. The standard core routine“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Strength Running). (1) Bike (2) Plank (3) Bridge (4) Side plank (5) Bird dog (6) Supine leg lift
  4. The Mattock dynamic warm-up routine“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Strength Running).
  5. Exercises to improve your hill running“, by Kit Fox (Runner’s World).
  6. Tapering for a 5k and 10k race“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Map My Run, 2018-05-18). The author advocates a 7- to 10-day taper for 5k and 10k. Reduce miles per day (roughly 75% volume two weeks out, 50% volume race week; article is a bit more specific which runs to reduce), not days per week. Run a few workouts at goal race pace (shorter-distance repeats). Invest the extra time in nutrition and recovery. Most of all, stay positive!
  7. How arm swing affects your running efficiency“, by Marc Lindsay (Map My Run, 2018-04-24). Keep elbows bent about 90 degrees, at your side, swinging front to back (not across your body) from the shoulders. Stay relaxed (start with the hands). Elbows should drive back each swing.

Heart Rate

  1. How do I train based on heart rate?“, by Jenny Hadfield (Runner’s World).


  1. Overtraining — Causes, symptoms, and how to dig yourself out“, by Coach Jeff (Runners Connect).

Speed Work

  1. 3 ways runners get speed work wrong (and how to make it right)“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Map My Run). Consistency, timing, and recovery.

Strength Training

(not yet winnowed)

  1. How strength training can prevent running injuries“, by Amanda Loudin (NBC, 2017-10-16).
  2. To make it to the next level, strength training is a must“, by Garrett Reim (FloTrack, 2013-07-24).
  3. Mo Farah & Galen Rupp’s stability routine“, by James Dunne (Kinetic Revolution, 2013-08-27).
  4. Strength training for distance runners“, by Forest Braden (UCLA Track & Field).
  5. Speed development for distance and mid-distance runners” (USTF CCCA).
  6. The beginner’s guide to strength training for runners“.
  7. Weight training for runners“, by David Allen (Elite FTS, 2015-03-13).
  8. Gym training for runners“, by The Run Experience (YouTube, 2017-02-13).
  9. STOP deadlifting until you learn how to do THIS“, by Alan Thrall (YouTube, 2015-08-21).


  1. Try this full-body dynamic warm-up to prep for any workout“, by Marc Perry (Greatist, 2013-08-14).

Tune-Up Races

  1. Practice makes perfect: How to run a tune-up race (plus details of my 8k disaster)“, by Jason Fitzgerald (Strength Running).
  2. 4 reasons why tune-up races will help you crush your marathon goals“, by Dan Roe (Runner’s World, 2018-08-24).
  3. How to incorporate tune-up races into your training“, by Coach Jeff (Runners Connect).
  4. How to include tune up races in your training“, by Laura Norris (This Runner’s Recipe, 2016-10-25).

Training Plans

  1. Houston (2020.01.19)
  2. Summer 2019
  3. M2B Marathon (2019.05.26)
  4. Boston Marathon (2019.04.15)
  5. SF Marathon (2018.07.29)
  6. Houston Marathon (2018.01.14)
  7. NYC Marathon (2017.11.05)



  1. Nathan Adrian : Freestyle stroke — swim technique” (Speedo on YouTube).
  2. How to stop your legs from sinking in freestyle” (Effortless Swimming on YouTube).
  3. Freestyle body position — swim technique” (Speedo on YouTube).
  4. Dolphin kick — caterpillar drill” (Swim Labs on YouTube).
  5. Learning the underwater dolphin [kick] — Step 1” (Turns on YouTube).
  6. Having a smooth feestyle entry” (Effortless Swimming on YouTube).


  1. The catch and pull: Bend it like Becky” (Swim Smooth, 2017-10-31). Freestyle stroke.
  2. 10 elements of a perfect freestyle stroke“, by Alex Kostich (
  3. Swimming kick speed determines baseline swim speed“, by Gary Hall Sr. (The Race Club).
  4. Swim goggle care” (Kiefer).
  5. How to choose swim fins” (Swim Outlet).
  6. How to choose swim fins“, by Emily Milak (Kiefer).


Match Videos


  1. 2017 NCAA D1 Finals : Florida (2) v Nebraska (5) (ESPN). Highlights:
  2. Set Point Timestamp Notes
    2 20 0:38:20 Transition
    3 00 0:58:00 Transition
    3 17 1:07:25 Relentless pressure
    3 26 1:12:04 Setup


  1. Coaching tips: Volleyball: Serves – Terry Liskevych“, by Team USA (YouTube, 2012-07-03). 3:57-video. Well explained.
  2. How to serve a volleyball overhand“, by Cynthia Barboza (wikiHow, 2018-05-21). Text and photo explanations.