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Category: Math

Read : 2019-05-06

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. A programmer solved a 20-year-old, forgotten crypto puzzle“, by Daniel Oberhaus (Wired, 2019-04-29). The article weaves a story around “A programmer uses specialized software to turbocharge a brute-force computation”. The “crypto puzzle” is LCS35 (descriptions by Wikipedia and the author Ronald L. Rivest; Rivest’s description, in particular, is quite clear). Rivest predicted his puzzle would take 35 years to solve. Fabrot solved it in 3.5 years. MIT’s Cryptophage group expects to solve it in 2 months (0.17 years).
  2. RSA encryption cracked by careless implementation“, by Make James (I Programmer, 2019-01-18). This article cites William Kuszmaul’s blog post on Algorithm Soup.

Read — 2018/01/02

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. How to be healthier, happier and more productive: it’s all in the timing“, by Daniel H. Pink (Wall Street Journal).
  2. A browswer you’ve never heard of is dethroning Google in Asia“, by Newley Purnell (Wall Street Journal).
  3. Hollywood A-listers launch Time’s Up Initiative to fight sexual harassment across the U.S. workforce“, by Cynthia Littleton (Variety).
  4. The rice capital of the nation“, by Nick Fouriezos (OZY).
  5. Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund makes monster bet on bitcoin, by Rob Copeland (Wall Street Journal).
  6. 10 past champions headline 2018 Chevron Houston marathon and Aramco Houston half marathon” (Houston Marathon Committee). American female elites in the Houston half include Jordan Hasay, Molly Huddle, Alia Gray, and local favorite Becky Wade!
  7. 10 tips for choosing the right acoustic strings“, by Laura B. Whitmore (Guitar World).

Math — 2016/08/24

Topics I intersected nontrivially today:

  1. Closed smooth manifolds can always be given a CW structure via Morse functions. See the motivating post (Stack Exchange), this explanation of the construction of the CW complex (Math Overflow), spicing both to taste with dashes of Wikipedia (Morse theory, etc.).