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Stress fractures

  1. Mayo Clinic
    1. Stress fractures: symptoms and causes
    2. Stress fractures: self-management
  2. Sports-health
    1. Don’t miss the signs of a stress fracture“, by Carrie DeVries (Sports-health).
    2. Stress fracture diagnosis“, by Adam B. Yanke, MD (Sports-health).
  3. 5 phases of stress fracture recovery“, by Marion Herring (
  4. Stress fractures and stress reactions of bone: a chronic repetitive stress injury“, by Stephen M. Pribut, DPM.


References on blockchain technology:

  1. Blockchain” (Wikipedia).
  2. Blockchain: the new technology of trust” (Goldman Sachs). The subtitle is interesting given that blockchain eliminates the need for trust, at least of the person-to-person variety.
  3. Bitcoin” (Wikipedia).
  4. History of bitcoin” (Wikipedia).
  5. Satoshi Nakamoto” (Wikipedia). The unknown designer and creator of bitcoin.

Apartment search

Two articles on apartment renting (N.B. The website is a company that sells renter screening services…so read these articles accordingly):

  1. How to screen a tenant“(TransUnion SmartMove).
  2. 7 tenant warning signs that aren’t so obvious” (TransUnion SmartMove).

Read — 2017/05/05

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Ivanka Trump and the push for paid parental leave“, by M.S.R. (The Economist).
  2. A leap into the future! The race for a sub-two-hour marathon“, by George Ramsay (CNN). Best of luck to Mssrs Desisa, Kipchoge, and Tadese.
  3. How to watch Saturday’s sub-2 marathon attempt“, by Scott Douglas (Runner’s World).

MLK Day — 2017-01-16

Two speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

  1. “I have a dream” (1963-08-28) — audio and text
  2. “Beyond Vietnam” (1967-04-04) — audio and text

Running-shoe reviews

  1. 2015 Spring shoe review” (Club Running Magazine, 2015 Spring, p 12). Enter full-screen mode to facilitate reading.

Read — 2016/08/23

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Why ‘practice makes perfect’ might be a lie“, by Melissa Pandika (OZY). Recently published research suggests that “practice…stopped predicting performance” among elite athletes. Still, “[a]cross all skill levels, deliberate practice explained 18 percent of differences in performance” — so don’t throw in the towel just yet.
  2. The power of negative thinking“, by Oliver Burkeman (Wall Street Journal).
  3. Why you need negative feelings“, by Elizabeth Bernstein (Wall Street Journal).
  4. 50 amazing puns from past pun competitions“, by Alvin Ward (Mental Floss).

Read — 2016/08/02

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Japan approves massive stimulus package“, by Yoel Minkoff (Seeking Alpha).
  2. BOJ action: Team Abe provides a coordinated package“, by Jesper Koll (Seeking Alpha).
  3. Could nanotechnology end hunger?“, by Melissa Pandika (OZY).
  4. Pokemon Go catches lawsuit for game’s creators“, by Steven Musil (CNET).

How to select quality salmon

Yesterday I starting to watch the film “Jiro dreams of sushi“, and this morning I struck up a short conversation with a chap at the fish counter who was carefully selecting his fillets — and who turned out to be a former Alaskan fisherman. So it goes.

What I was told: Look for meat that is shiny and firm. If you can see the scales, the ideal is shiny and free from patchiness.

The following post is a simple and helpful reference:


Online references for proper squat technique:

  1. Squat: proper form, benefits, muscles worked — the definitive exercise guide” (Stronglifts).