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Category: Science

Read : 2019-02-01

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Explainer: What is a quantum computer?“, by Martin Giles (MIT Technology Review, 2019-01-29). An article light on technicals but elucidating in current and future applications.
  2. Linking a mutation to survival in wild mice“, by Rowan D.H. Barrett et al. (Science, 2019-02-01).

Locally recoverable codes

References on locally recoverable codes:

  1. Locally recoverable code constructions and some extensions“, by Itzhak Tamo (Simons Institute, 2015-02-12).
  2. Locally recoverable codes from algebraic curves and surfaces“, by Alexander Barg et al. (arXiv, 2017-01-18).
  3. Reed–Solomon codes” (Stanford University).
  4. Reed–Solomon codes“, by Martyn Riley & Iain Richardson (Carnegie Mellon University, 1998?). More focus on hardware.

Read : 2018-10-18

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. What the Arab world needs most is free expression“, by Jamal Khashoggi (Washington Post, 2018-10-17). In an article written shortly before his murder — allegedly orchestrated and executed by the Saudi Arabian government — Khashoggi ruminates on how to fight a lack of and mis-information, and he decries tepid international pressure for contributing to the boldness of oppressive governments.
  2. Audio offers gruesome details of Jamal Khashoggi killing, Turkish official says“, by David D. Kirkpatrick & Carlotta Gall (NY Times, 2018-10-17). Listen to music, face the music. Murder of a human being simultaneously explodes and recedes into international politics.
  3. What to expect when PayPal reports earnings“, by Michael Henage (Seeking Alpha, 2018-10-17).
  4. Netflix: Don’t even think about buying on the upswing“, by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2018-10-17).
  5. Square’s stock price fall could increase its investment appeal“, by Robert Stephens (GuruFocus, 2018-10-17).
  6. Tesla: Waking up too late“, by Bill Maurer (Seeking Alpha, 2018-10-17). An article arguing Tesla’s service coverage is underdeveloped and underfunded.
  7. The evolution of nesting behaviour in Peromyscus mice“, by C.L. Lewarch & Hopi Hoekstra (Animal Behaviour, 2018).
  8. Maryam Mirzakhani: 1977-2017“, by Hélène Barcelo & Stephen Kennedy (AMS, 2018-11).

Read — 2018-10-02

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Stitch Fix: The correction was long overdue“, by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2018-10-02).
  2. Laser physicists, including third woman ever, win physics Nobel“, by Michael Moyer & Natalie Wolchover (Quanta Magazine, 2018-10-02). Also check out the Nobel Prize Committee’s press releases (popular and advanced).

Read — 2018-09-21

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Titans of mathematics clash over epic proof of abc conjecture“, by Erica Klarreich (Quanta Magazine, 2018-09-20). The abc conjecture is a relatively simple problem to state, and it has many important implications.
  2. Claude Shannon: How a genius solves problems“, by Zat Rana (Medium, 2018-08-15).
  3. New theory cracks open the black box of deep learning“, by Natalie Wolchover (Quanta Magazine, 2017-09-21).
  4. Drug pair shows promise for treating sleep apnea“, by Meredith Wadman (Science, 2018-09-21).
  5. Ripple (XRP) is up almost 50% in 24 hours on exciting new feature“, by Billy Bambrough (Forbes, 2018-09-21). Ripple announces its xRapid product. As per a Ripple spokesperson, “there isn’t currently an official commercial release timeline for xRapid”.
  6. Eventbrite: Plenty of upside left in this stellar IPO“, by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2018-09-21). Note that the author indicates he may take a long position in EB.

Science — 2018/06/01

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Metabolic plasticity foils drug development“, by Gemma Alderton (Science, 2018-06-01).
  2. Founder effects in modern populations“, by Laura M. Zahn (Science, 2018-06-01).

Science — 2018/05/14

Articles on dreaming!

  1. Dream : Neurobiology” (Wikipedia).
  2. Dream mechanisms: Is REM sleep indispensable for dreaming?“, by Tomoka Takeuchi (Sleep and Biological Rhythms, 2005-05-16).
  3. Dreaming also occurs during non rapid eye movement sleep“, by Aalto University (Science Daily, 2016-08-09).
  4. New research suggests we also dream during non-REM sleep cycles“, by Bob Yirka (Medical Xpress, 2017-04-11).
  5. Slumber party: reptiles, like us, have REM sleep and may dream“, by Will Dunham (Scientific American, 2016?-04-28).
  6. FYI : Do animals dream?“, by Kaitlin Miller (Popular Science, 2012-02-01).

Science — 2017/12/16

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. When intuition overrides reason“, by Gilbert Chen (Science).
  2. Too much alike to be receptive“, by Sacha Vignieri (Science). A recent study suggests that animals — at least horses — have inherent biases against mates too much like oneself.

Science — 2016/11/18

  1. A shortcut to a species“, by Elizabeth Pennisi (Science). Darwin’s finches offer insight into isolation and speciation.
  2. A new evolutionary classic“, by Elizabeth Pennisi (Science). New research suggests that rove beetles evolved “at least a dozen [separate] times” in infiltrating ant colonies, a stunning example of convergent evolution.

Science — 2016/08/12

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. NIH plans to fund human-animal chimera research“, by Jocelyn Kaiser (Science).
  2. Particle no-show at LHC prompts anxiety“, by Adrian Cho (Science). Scientists hope that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will directly reveal new particles. But if these hopes continue to be disappointed despite increasing amounts of data (measured in inverse femtobarns), research ath LHC will shift to making more-precise measurements of known particles.
  3. The impact of homelessness prevention programs on homelessness“, by William N. Evans, James X. Sullivan, & Melanie Wallskog (Science). For $10,300 per person, you can avert homelessness, yielding an estimated benefit of more than $20,000. Do you buy it?
  4. Local modulation of human brain responses by circadian rhythmicity and sleep debt“, by Pierre Maquet et al. (Science). A fMRI sleep-deprivation study to better understand “the mechanisms involved in maintaining cognition”.