Below are collected a few potentially useful references for general financial investing.

Disclaimer: Digest all financial advice with several grains of salt, and invest at your own risk. As the ancients wisely stated,

O Fortuna velut luna statu variabilis,
Semper crescis aut decrescis…

O Fortune, like the moon, ever variable,
Always increasing, or decreasing…

(from the medieval poem “O Fortuna“)


Information collected on this page.

Financial Statements

Initial Public Offerings


  1. IPO basics: Don’t just jump in“, by Adam Hayes, CFA (Investopedia, ????).
  2. EquityZen’s 2018 IPO outlook” (EquityZen).

Stock Market Basics


  1. Will there be a market correction in 2018?” (Vanguard). Historically, the chance of a market correction (a short-term change of 10% or more in asset price levels) in any given year is 40%.