Below are collected a few potentially useful references for general financial investing.

Disclaimer: Digest all financial advice with several grains of salt, and invest at your own risk. As the ancients wisely stated,

O Fortuna velut luna statu variabilis,
Semper crescis aut decrescis…

O Fortune, like the moon, ever variable,
Always increasing, or decreasing…

(from the medieval poem “O Fortuna“)


Information collected on this page.

Financial Statements

Initial Public Offerings


  1. EquityZen’s 2018 IPO outlook” (EquityZen).

Stock Market Basics


  1. Will there be a market correction in 2018?” (Vanguard). Historically, the chance of a market correction (a short-term change of 10% or more in asset price levels) in any given year is 40%.