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Read : 2020-02-12

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The nuclear family was a mistake” by David Brooks (The Atlantic, 2020-03). An extended look at extended family.
  2. How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime” by Harry Low (BBC News, 2017-01-06). Restricted availability, strict ownership conditions, and intentional de-escalation during tense encounters by law enforcement.
  3. ‘The intelligence coup of the century’” by Greg Miller (Washington Post, 2020-02-11). As Bruce Schneier corrects on his blog, “this isn’t really news…What is new is the formerly classified documents describing the details”.
  4. Cybersecurity tips for international travelers” (US Federal Communications Commission).
  5. Airbnb swings to a loss as costs climb ahead of IPO” by Jean Eaglesham, Maureen Farrell, & Kirsten Grind (Wall Street Journal, 2020-02-11).

Read : 2019-09-20

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Why time management is ruining our lives“, by Oliver Burkeman (The Guardian, 2016-12-22).
  2. 1 in 16 women say their first sexual intercourse was rape“, by Laura Santhanam (PBS, 2019-09-16).
  3. Netflix reaches streaming deal for ‘Seinfeld’“, by Joe Flint (Wall Street Journal, 2019-09-16).
  4. New York Times’ botched Kavanaugh story the latest in series of blunders from Opinion section“, by Oliver Darcy (CNN, 2019-09-17).
  5. Athletics for the 21st century” (The Harvard Gazette, 2019-09-16).
  6. No. 2 Stanford beats No. 1 Nebraska volleyball in rematch of 2018 national championship“, by Katherine Wright & Michella Chester (NCAA, 2019-09-18).
  7. College volleyball: Rice upsets No. 3 Texas in nail-biting five-setter“, by Katherine Wright (NCAA, 2019-09-18).
  8. Volleyball stuns No. 3 Texas at Tudor Fieldhouse“, by Kenny Bybee (, 2019-09-18).
  9. Billionaires love these 3 stocks, and 2 are good buys today“, by Dividend Sensei (Seeking Alpha, 2019-09-18). Bank of America (BAC), Berkshire Hathaway (BRK), and AT&T (T).
  10. Three billion birds have been lost in North America since 1970“, by Jason Bittel (National Geographic, 2019-09-19). Perhaps more staggering is the percent lost : Those 3 billion birds represent almost 30% of the North American bird population. The article cites pesticides, habitat loss, house cats, and glass windows. The last two kill birds directly (approximately 1B – 4B and 600M, respectively, each year). The first two kill birds indirectly by affecting their ability to migrate.
  11. Airbnb plans huge IPO in 2020, continuing push by tech companies to go public“, by Danielle Abril (Fortune, 2019-09-19).
  12. On climate, the young take the lead“, by Alvin Powell (The Harvard Gazette, 2019-09-19).

Read : 2019-04-11

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Julian Assange charged by U.S. with conspiracy to hack a government computer“, by Eileen Sullivan & Richard Pérez-Peña (NY Times, 2019-04-11). Question: What makes conspiracy to hack a government computer worse than conspiracy to hack an arbitrary computer?
  2. Digital exile: How I got banned for life from Airbnb“, by Jackson Cunningham (Medium, 2018-07-13). No need to read the article (unless you like he said, she said soap operas), just consider the point: If certain enterprises banned us from their platforms, what impact would it have on our life? Should such action be entirely at the discretion of the enterprise?
  3. I’m leaving Google — here’s the real deal behind Google Cloud“, by Amir Hermelin (Noteworthy, 2018-10-05).

And a selection of articles related to investing:

  1. Can Jeff Bezos make money in space?“, by Dan Neil & Andy Pasztor (Wall Street Journal, 2019-04-11).
  2. Tesla and Panasonic freeze spending on $4.5bn Gigafactory“, by Daishi Chiba &am; Itsuro Fujino (Nikkei, 2019-04-11).
  3. Tesla shares fall on conflicting reports over Japanese battery production“, by M. Corey Goldman (The Street, 2019-04-11).
  4. Why Pinterest is playing it super-conservative on its IPO price range“, by Motley Fool Staff (Motley Fool, 2019-04-10). Hosts Chris Hill and Dan Kline cite Pinterest’s low debt, steady growth, and low risk, as well as the growing digital advertising markets, as reasons to consider PINS. Reliance on advertising may be a risk.

Read : 2018-12-15

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The real roots of American rage“, by Charles Duhigg (The Atlantic, 2019-01/02).
  2. “The essence of [political] campaigns today is anger and fear. That’s how you win.”

  3. Exercise wins: Fit seniors can have hearts that look 30 years younger“, by Patti Neighmond (NPR, 2018-12-10).
  4. To curb ghost workers and coffee corruption, Africa turns to blockchain“, by Kizito Makoye (OZY, 2018-12-14).
  5. Airbnb and Slack are considering untraditional IPOs that box out bankers like Spotify did“, by Theodore Schleifer (Recode, 2018-12-10).

And an intriguing website:

  1. Moral machine“, by Scalable Cooperation at MIT Media Lab (MIT).

Read — 2018-09-15

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. China can’t afford a cashless society“, by Rui Zhong (Foreign Policy, 2018-09-11). Government mandates and insistence that firms and citizens accept cash is one way to deal with changing times. Ensuring that all citizens (and others) have access to banking and other services is another. (Decentralized cash systems is a third.)
  2. Austin needs to do a better job of recruiting tech talent“, by Derek Hutson (Venture Beat, 2018-09-15).
  3. Lyft is planning its IPO, trying to beat Uber to the punch, sources say“, by Eric Newcomer & Alex Barinka (LA Times, 2018-08-31). This article points out that, in the US, underwriters for one IPO cannot underwrite IPOs of direct competitors (due to potential conflicts of interest).
  4. Airbnb aims to be ‘ready’ to go public from June 30, 2019, creates cash bonus program for staff“, by Ingrid Lunden & Romain Dillet (Tech Crunch, 2018-06).
  5. Many ways to be a girl, but one way to be a boy: the new gender rules“, by Claire Cain Miller (NY Times, 2018-09-14).

Investing — 2018/02/09

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. A first look at Tesla’s dreadful Q4 results“, by Montana Skeptic (Seeking Alpha). Note: The author discloses she or he is short Tesla.
  2. Weekly update #235: Tax reform & tech M&A” (EquityZen).
  3. Airbnb CFO departs amid tensions, leaving IPO timing unclear“, by Olivia Zaleski (Bloomberg). Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s CEO, is quoted as saying that Airbnb is “not going public in 2018”.